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Create your stunning highlight video today! I've directed and rehearsed with actors for years. I have experience in film and theatre and know the qualities of what it takes to be a great actor. I know how to make short, quick, and high quality videos of what casting directors want to see when recruiting talent. I have a love of film, theatre, and the performing arts and also love to test my editing creativity. Let me help you achieve your dreams of becoming a star!


To Place an order, please fill out the application below. Price is $200 which includes a Youtube Link and DVD Copy of your video. Payment is handled after the video is completed and you are satisfied with your product.


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  • Email links or Mail short films or videos of you. You must get permission from the filmmakers yourself in order for the videos featuring yourself can be used for the highlight reel, if you do not have permission, I cannot use it for your video. If video is on a DVD, shipping address will be sent to you once application is finished. 

  • Email your headshot and current resume after filling out form (PDF file).

  • Mark times of actor highlight moments (OPTIONAL).

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